Frequently Asked Questions

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Unfortunately I cannot add coupons after a purchase has been sent to the payment processor. So make sure to review your total and add any coupons before submitting the order.

Unfortunately I can't edit any orders after they have already been submitted. However, you can go ahead and place a new order and leave a note in the new order to bundle it with your previous order. I will then refund any extra shipping costs. The refund will generally take a few business days to hit your payment method account.


Absolutely! I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. However, I do have some terms for the return:

  • Yarns must be in the same condition that I sent them to you in. Meaning that if you get a yarn in a hank, it must be returned in the hank with the label. If the yarn comes caked, it must be returned in the cake. I will not accept yarn returns that have obvious signs of being used.
  • Digital patterns are non-refundable.
  • Returns must be initiated within 30 days of delivery to you.

Returns can be initiated through your account dashboard. Once approved, I will send a shipping label to the email on file. Once I receive the yarn back in my possession and have verified its condition, I will send a refund to the original payment method you used to purcase the yarns.


For the majority of my orders I ship with USPS. For orders that are large, like wholesale orders, I will ship with UPS. 

Free shipping doesn't exist. Here is how free shipping is usually implemented:

Option 1: The seller of the item includes the cost of shipping in the item itself. This is okay if you buy one of the items. You will generally pay the normal shipping cost associated with the item, though sometimes you might pay more or less depending on how the seller increased the product price to accommodate for shipping. Where things start to take a turn for the worst for you is if you order three of those items. Now you are secretly paying three shipping fees, when in reality, it might have been cheaper for you to just pay for shipping outright.

Option 2: The seller does not increase the price of the item to accommodate for shipping. So, lets say a seller has an item that they sell for $30. They paid $15 dollars for this item, which means they are making $15 for every item they sell. Now, let's say you order one of these $30 items. Depending on the weight of the item, the seller could end up losing all profit or even go negative in profit to ship the order to you. 

Option 3: The seller offers free shipping on orders above a certain amount. This is the approach I take. I offer free shipping on orders over $100. I don't build in shipping costs to my products, but instead I decide to sacrifice a little bit of the profit I make in order to thank those customers. It's like an order discount for orders over $100. The cost of shipping still has to be paid. USPS doesn't care that you spent $100 at my business, it still wants it's money. 

I hope this helps you understand free shipping and why I choose the shipping options I offer in my store. My overall goal is to make the yarns as clearly priced and accessible to everyone. 


Currently I do not have a physical storefront, but I am looking for the perfect location. I'm not sure where it will be just yet, but make sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know when I find it!


I have used my fingering, DK and worsted weight yarns on my Sentro knitting machine with no issues. As a matter of fact, that is typically how I make my swatches. 

Dyeing yarn for me is an artistic expression. With that being said, the colorways I release are released in limited quantities on limited bases. Every once in a while I will bring a certain colorway back, but it is rare. Therefore, if you see one of my hand-dyes that you like, it's important to purchase as many as you need for your project. 

If you missed a colorway, you can always request a custom dye session here: