Hello, Yarn Friend!

Welcome to my small business, my name is Tabby! I started Mountaintop Yarn from a love of knitting and crocheting. I was tired of being limited to the same old boring colors at the big chain stores and decided I wanted to create my own. As I started creating, people started requesting me to make extras and well, here we are!

I never thought I would be selling my yarn all over the world! How humbling of an experience it has been, but I'm so grateful for every single one of my amazIng customers.

Every single day, you guys get me closer and closer to my dream of living in a mountain cabin and spending the rest of my days knitting and dyeing yarn.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your support.

  • Honeycomb Blanket Tutorial

    Learn the basics of Tunisian Crochet while making this gorgeous blanket.

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