Do you have yarn you no longer love?

If you have yarn you no longer are in love with, why not trade it in for some new yarn you will be excited to work with?

I'm happy to offer you reward points for any brand new yarns you have laying around in your stash. You can then use those reward points to buy some new yarn from my shop!

I typically offer 50% of the retail value for the yarns. I will then list them here in the shop at 75% retail value for sale to others who might love to have the yarns!

Here are the rules and requirements:

1. The yarn must be in new condition with labels or tags still attached. I don't accept any used yarns or unknown yarns. It must not have any damage or strong smells (no cat pee smells please!).

2. I happily accept any fiber type from any brand. Acrylic, wool, silk, alpaca, linen... you name it.

3. You must have a rewards account set up. Look in the lower left hand corner of this page for the purple icon with the present icon. Click that and sign up for a rewards account if you don't already have one.

4. Contact me on either Facebook or Instagram with photos of your yarn that you want to trade in.


5. When you mail your yarns to me, you must include the email associated with your rewards account on a slip of paper or sticky note with the yarn. Otherwise, I won't know who to assign the points to!

6. The rewards points will be added to your account upon personal inspection of the yarn. If for some reason your yarn is unusable (bad smells, fiber damage, etc...) I will reach out to you to discuss what our next steps are. So it is imperative that you ensure that your yarn doesn't have any bad smells, moth damage, sun damage and is a yarn that someone else would be thrilled to receive in the mail.