Mini-Skein Inspiration

Mini-Skein Inspiration

Have you fallen in love with a few of my hand-dyed mini-skeins but have no idea what to make with them? Don’t worry! I have you covered. I've scoured Ravelry, Pinterest and the whole entire internet (okay, maybe just the first few pages of Google) to bring you some project ideas that use 20g of yarn or less!

Feel free to read through the list and if you feel inspired, grab a few of my hand-dyed mini-skeins and share what you create on Instagram with the tag #mountaintopyarn for a chance to be featured on our website! Make sure to include the name of the Mountaintop Yarn Company skein you used in your work to get your finished project showcased!

Our Mini-Skeins are 20gs (roughly 87 yards):

  • Use as accent colors in the heels, toes and ribbings of a pair of socks.

  • Add stripes to a solid-color project.

  • Make clothing for dolls or amigurumi.

  • Make hats for babies.

  • Make Gnome accessories.

  • Knit phone cases / Crocheted phone cases.

  • Coin purse.

  • Small puppy sweater.

  • Cat toys.

  • Mood blanket. Like a temperature blanket, but use colors to express your mood.

  • Temperature blanket.

  • Crochet Mandalas.

  • Crochet Earrings or Necklaces.

  • Vibrant tassels.

  • Add beautiful, intricate edgings to your clothing or blankets.

  • Newborn socks or booties

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to mini skeins. You can use one to create a small project or combine multiple mini skeins, like our Tonal Gradient Collections, to create a project with a beautiful gradient.

If you have any ideas for things you’ve done with my hand-dyed Mini-Skeins, feel free to post a comment below to share with others looking for inspiration!

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