Granny Square 1 Pattern

Granny Square 1 Pattern

I found a chart on Pinterest and decided to provide the written instructions for anyone wanting to make this square. I don't know the name of the square or who to attribute the design to, but if you do, please comment below and I will update this post!


Begin with a magic loop.

Row 1: chain (ch) 3, 15 double crochet (dc) into the magic loop (ml). Join to ch 3.

Row 2: ch 3, (ch1, dc)* repeat 15 total times, ch1, join to ch3

Row 3: ch3, (2dc in ch space, dc in dc) * rep 15 times total, 2 dc in ch space, join to ch3.

Row 4: sc in same space, (ch5, skp2, sc in dc, ch3, skp2, sc in dc, ch4, skp2, sc in dc, ch3, skp2, sc in dc)* rep 4 times total, omit last sc and join to starting sc.

Row 5: slip stitch into chain space, ch3, 4dc, ch3, 5dc in chain space, (sc in 3ch space, 7dc in 4ch space, sc in 3ch space, 5dc, ch3, 5dc in 5ch space)* repeat 3 times total, sc in 3ch sp, 7dc in 4ch space, sc in 3ch space, join to top of chain 3.

Row 6: ch2, (ch4, [sc, ch3, sc] in 3ch sp, ch4, dc in sc, ch3, sc in 4th dc of 7dc group, ch3, dc in sc)* repeat 4 times, omit last dc, join to top of chain 2.

Row 7: slip stitch into ch4 space, ch3, 4 dc in ch4 space ( [3dc, ch3, 3dc] in ch3 space, 5 dc in ch4 sp, 3dc in ch3 space, 3dc in ch3 space, 5dc in ch5 space) repeat 4 times, omit the last 5 dc in ch4 space, join to slip stitch.

Break yarn and weave in ends. 

You now have a completed square!

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