Firefly Notes

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Firefly Notes Bunny stitch marker packs Stitch markers

Bunny Stitch Markers

Sweet little pack of 8 round bunny’s for spring! This is a VERY small run of these packs so supplies are limited. Each set includes 8 x no snag, silver...
Firefly Notes Cat Stitch Markers Stitch markers

Cat Stitch Markers

These no snag cat metal shaped stitch marker packs will soon be your favorite! Small size perfect for marking your place without getting in the way. **As seen in VOGUE...
Firefly Notes Celestial Swallows Tin

Celestial Swallows Tin

Celestial design featuring two swallows, one carrying a moon and one carrying a star crafted atop a very handy slider tin with resin. Use it for your knitting/ crochet/ sewing notions...
Firefly Notes Elephant Stitch Marker Packs Stitch markers

Elephant Stitch Marker Packs

8 round no snag elephant stitch markers to help you with your next knitting WIP!
Firefly Notes Have You Any Wool? Stitch Marker Tin

Have You Any Wool? Stitch Marker Tin

Carefully handcrafted in studio with a glossy coat of resin atop a practical slider tin. Clicks closed and stays closed in your project bag! 1 size 3 9/16" length 2...
Firefly Notes Large Magnolia Tin

Magnolia Tin

Beautiful vintage magnolias crafted atop a glossy durable resin coated slider tin.  3 9/16" length 2 5/16" width 7/16" deep (perfect for a wallet, notions, jewellery etc..)
Firefly Notes Owl Stitch Marker Packs Stitch markers

Owl Stitch Markers

7 x 10 mm owl stitch markers plus one progress keeper.